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PROJECT NAME                                   Extension of ManchesterMetrolink  toManchester Airport, Didsbury, Oldham and Rochdale Town Centre andAshton-Under-Lyne.

  • PROJECT                                               Sealing floor joints on forty-eight tram stops as part of the extension
  • MAIN CONTRACTOR                              Swiftseal Ltd
  • PRODUCTS USED                                  Geocel 260 Ultra fast curing sealant was used to seal the floor joints at the tram stops, selecting it as the onlyproduct able to achieve sufficiently high shore A values with high abrasion resistance for such high traffic sites.
  • APPLICATION                                        Steve Swift from Swiftseal is enthusiastic about Geocel 260 as the only product that was up to dealing with this project’s high technical specifications. “The client, Transport for Greater Manchester, demanded the highest specifications for this project. The traffic levels are very high and the joints need to withstand stiletto heels and very heavy footfall,” he says.“Geocel 260 was the only floor movement sealant that could achieve a sufficiently high shore A value, and the curing time is spot on. It’s cracking stuff and our teams love using it.”

Steve was also impressed with the appearance of the seals achieved with Geocel 260 which has been formulated in grey to match the concrete. “Swiftseal has been in the
sealant application business for 25 years and so we know what works and what doesn’t,” he says. “The last thing we want is call backs and we know with
Geocel 260 we can rely on the seal we apply.”
Geocel 260 is the perfect sealant for sealing joints where a floor needs to be brought back into service quickly with its ultra-fast curing times: it can be trafficable in
just five hours. This makes it a popular choice for high traffic areas where downtime for flooring work needs to be kept to an absolute minimum, for example
shopping centres, bus and train stations, showrooms, and warehouses. Jointssealed with Geocel 260 retain permanent flexibility since the product
demonstrates a Movement Accommodation Factor (MAF) of 15%.