AIRBLOCK is a flexible foam that creates a highly effective air tight barrier to help air seal buildings. It fills voids and seals joints providing a huge improvement to energy efficiency. The unique AIRBLOCK formula gives low expansion during application - minimising chances of distortion around frames and joints but with a flexibility that retains the airtight seal during natural expansion or contraction of the building materials.


Ideal for application in hard to reach areas. Adheres to most common building materials including wood, concrete, brickwork, plaster, stone, plastic and metal surfaces.


  • One component, moisture curing, polyurethane foam that forms an airtight and water resistant flexible seal.
  • Fills voids and seals to improve energy efficiency
  • Air Permeability Tested to EN12114
  • B2 classification for flammability (DIN4102-1 B2)
  • Acoustic Rated - 60dB to EN IS0717-1
  • Driving Rain Tested to EN1027
  • Temperature resistance -40°C to +100°C


Pack Size - 750ml ‘e’ Can