THE WORKS PRO: Helping You to Help Out

When tasked with an unexpected job on-site, it’s important to have versatile solutions at your disposal. Thankfully, that’s exactly what you get with a range like THE WORKS PRO, which is setting new standards in superior construction sealant and adhesive performance.

If you’re in the trade, then chances are you’ve at least once been approached by a customer for help with a new job before the task you’re working on is even finished. Whether it’s tidying up wonky tiles, or just sorting out some shelving, there’s often an expectation that you’ll be able to assist in fixing other common issues around the house. In such situations, there’s a need for versatile sealant and adhesive solutions such as THE WORKS PRO range. Designed for the trade, the flexible products can be used to seal or bond to almost any surface to provide a professional, long lasting finish.

So, what makes THE WORKS PRO range suitable for use across so many different tasks? Well, for one, the range can be applied in wet or dry conditions on virtually any substrate and get a secure fix and seal quickly and easily – there’s no shrinkage, no staining, no solvents and no need for additional fixings for most applications. In addition, both solutions are particularly easy to gun and tool, as well as offering users fast skin-over and tack-free times. Not only does this help to reduce the time needed on-site, but ensures that call-backs happen at a more infrequent rate.

When combined, the solution’s versatility and speed of use makes it ideal for helping to tie up loose ends on random jobs. For example, THE WORKS PRO is great for use in kitchens and bathrooms and perfectly suited for common jobs like sealing sinks, or shower screens. With its wet or dry application, the solution can be applied to systems like showers even if they were in use earlier that day. What’s more, the product’s fast-curing ability allows it to dry in time to be used again a few hours later, which benefits all parties involved.

Likewise, on more difficult tasks, such as securing fixings to dot and dab plasterboard surfaces, THE WORKS PRO X provides an effective and efficient adhesive solution. The fast grab adhesive allows items such as coat racks, shelves and photo frames to be secured safely without the need for additional fixings. In turn, tradespeople are able to deal with common unplanned job requests in a speedy manner and ensure they deliver real value to their customers, which can help to increase the likelihood of repeat business later down the line.

This exceptional performance even extends to outdoor activities, such as brickwork repair on external facades. By using just a small quantity of THE WORKS PRO, or THE WORKS PRO X, tradespeople are able to make long lasting repair works built to withstand even the harshest of weathers. In fact, both solutions provide excellent UV and weather resistant performance. Better still, with the solutions available in a range of colours, installers are able to ensure that repair works  continue to look great and perfectly match with what had previously been installed.

For those looking to cut down on their plastic waste, THE WORKS PRO is also ideal, as it is now available as part of the ecoSEAL system range. Comprising an innovative sleeve that can be used up to 75 times with sealant foils, the ecoSEAL system provides a more sustainable alternative to traditional sealant and adhesive cartridges. Once empty the foils are eight times smaller than traditional cartridges, enabling a drastic reduction in landfill waste for regular sealant and adhesive users.

If you want to ensure you’re always on hand to deliver quality for your customers, then look no further than THE WORKS PRO range. The superior construction sealant and adhesive are helping professionals across the country take on a wide-range of common construction tasks more efficiently and effectively than ever before.

To learn more about the versatility of THE WORKS PRO range, why not watch this recent video we made alongside Britain’s Favourite Builder Julian Perryman, here.

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