About us

Geocel are leaders in the development, formulation, manufacture and marketing of quality sealants and adhesives.  

Many of our brands such as theWORKSPAINTERS MATE and TRADEMATE have been the professional’s products of choice for many years.

Geocel is a wholly owned subsidiary of the international paint manufacturer, the Sherwin-Williams Company, based in Cleveland, Ohio. Sherwin-Williams is a global leader in the development, manufacture and sale of coatings related products. 

Geocel operates as a business unit within the Sherwin-Williams “Diversified Brands Europe” division. Other business units in this division include Ronseal, Valspar, Purdy, Thompson’s and Altax.

Geocel’s UK Manufacturing facilities are based in Plymouth, Devon.

Our business philosophy is based upon not just providing products of the highest quality but supporting them and the entire supply chain with the highest quality of service.

Our commitment to long term marketing support builds market leading brands. We are constantly seeking to improve and extend our product ranges and most of our brand innovations arise from extensive market research and consultation with stockists and end users. Our products are supported with extensive advertising and promotion, and prominently displayed by our stockists.

University of Birmingham

University of Birmingham

Why we're experts

Sherwin-Williams is one of the UK and Ireland's leading suppliers of sealants and adhesives and is a strategic partner of the Dow Corporation.

Our company has over 30 years of technical expertise in the construction and industrial sectors, providing products to the UK, Ireland and international markets.

With dedicated R&D and production facilities in the UK, our product range is designed to meet the needs of the trade with products that perform in the most demanding conditions. See our products in action here.

The strength of the Geocel, Dow and DOWSIL brands and reputations have been built with superior product formulations and technical expertise to ensure the right products and best performance for the job. Our products are specified worldwide and are the professionals choice.