The newly relaunched ecoSEAL system offers an easy way to incorporate ‘greener’ working solutions into your operations. Designed to work with the trade’s favourite sealant and filler products, the system marks a new dawn for construction. 

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With the ecoSEAL system there’s no need to buy expensive barrel guns. The recyclable sleeve system can be used an average of 75 times, helping tradespeople to dramatically cut down on the amount of waste generated across jobs.  

With the ecoSEAL system, the trade's favourite sealant, adhesive and filler products are now available in foils. Geocel Painters Mate, THE WORKS PRO, DOWSIL™ 785+, DOWSIL™ 796 and DOWSIL™ 799 can now all be used in conjunction with a reusable sleeve - allowing users to easily switch to a greener alternative to traditional cartridges.

Easy to use

Using the ecoSEAL system is incredibly simple. Just cut the foil, insert into the re-usable plastic sleeve, attach the nozzle and fit into any standard gun.

As such, the new system provides those in the trade with a painless way to go green.

Easy to use

A Greener Choice

As well as being easy to use and incredibly cost-effective, the ecoSEAL system represents a much greener option than traditional sealant guns. The plastic sleeve is recyclable – and when empty, the foils are eight times smaller than traditional cartridges. As a result, you’re able to send much less waste to landfill. Additionally, disposal costs on larger projects are greatly reduced. All in all, the solution offers one of the easiest ways for those in the trade to reduce their carbon footprint.

Introducing ecoSEAL

The trade's favourite products, only greener.

Take a look at our Introducing ecoSEAL video to see how this product could work for you. 

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Introducing ecoSEAL

The EcoSEAL System

With over 100 million plastic cartridges ending up in landfill every year, it’s vital the industry takes steps to reduce its consumption of plastics and packaging. Thankfully, the ecoSEAL system offers the trade’s favourite products, only greener. The ecoSEAL system works with a comprehensive selection of solutions from across Geocel’s extensive range. The foil sleeve packaging might be different, the product inside remains exactly the same.

So, you to get the same excellent results as always.

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Designed to fit the trade’s favourite sealant and filler products, ecoSEAL marks a new dawn for construction.
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Our products are stocked across the UK and Ireland.

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