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Sherwin Williams delivers DOWSIL™, Dow and Geocel High Performance Construction Solutions to the UK and Ireland

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About Us

Geocel is one of the UK and Ireland’s leading suppliers of sealants and adhesives and is a strategic Partner of Dow’s High Performance Building Solutions, specifically marketing DOWSIL™ Silicone products in the UK and Ireland.

With DOWSIL™’s heritage in silicone technology spanning over 50 years and Geocel’s 30 year history in the construction and industrial sectors, we offer outstanding experience and technical knowledge. The strength of the DOWSIL™ and Geocel brands have been built on a reputation of delivering only the best quality products and meeting the highest standards for every job.

When it comes to the specification market there is no exception.

Our superior product formulations and technical expertise ensures that the exacting requirements of any project will be met, with the highest performing solutions.

When it comes to the specification market there is no exception.

Our qualified Quality Bond™ members have proven that their performance standards and technical training is world class and they have been audited to meet the most stringent requirements.

Members of the scheme benefit from our extensive know how in structural glazing, insulated glazing, panel bonding and other silicone based bonding and sealing applications.

For the specifier or developer specifying a project there is the assurance that the Quality Bond™ applicator has been trained to the highest standards set by Dow High Performance Building Solutions.

Architectural creativity afforded by improvements in silicone technology - allowing for greater energy efficiency and more transparency in structural glazing solutions means design boundaries can be stretched, whilst the Quality Bond™ Scheme provides the very best in performance, safety and reliability.    

With dedicated R&D and production facilities in the UK, the Geocel and DOWSIL™ product range is designed to meet the needs of the high performance construction industry with solutions that perform in the most demanding conditions.

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