With more than 70 years experience in the market, DOWSIL™ has long been one of the most respected suppliers of silicone sealants. Find out why the solutions are such a great fit for a wide-range of construction professionals.

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Pioneers in silicone, DOWSIL™ is trusted by the world’s most complex construction projects and those in the trade who want a job done right, first time.

DOWSIL™ adhesives and sealants are dependable, one-part silicone sealants and adhesives with a history of proven performance. They offer superior UV stability, temperature and weather resistance and are inherently waterproof.

With over 70 years’ world-leading experience, DOWSIL™ ensures quality long lasting performance, with a wide range of go to products for whenever a dependable, premium quality solution is required.

With the ecoSEAL system

The trade’s favourite sealant products are now available in foils. DOWSIL™ 785+, DOWSIL™ 796 and DOWSIL™ 799 can now all be used in conjunction with a reusable sleeve – allowing users to easily switch to a greener alternative to traditional cartridges.

With the ecoSEAL system

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Our products are stocked across the UK and Ireland.

Our products are stocked across the UK and Ireland.

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