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As the world’s largest construction silicone provider, Dow has been a pioneer in discovering the multi-purpose nature of silicones and bringing new innovations into the construction industry.

This year marks the 50th anniversary of one of those innovations - Dow’s pioneering of 4-sided silicone structural glazing (SSG) application in 1971. Since, Dow has developed many SSG products that are used to create visually stunning glass façades and helps allow architects and builders to redefine the built environment of tomorrow. 

Dow 50 years

Prior to the 1960s, mechanical fasteners and gaskets were required to attach glass to a building’s framework. Then, 2 sided SSG was introduced in the 60’s, followed by Dow’s 4-sided SSG in the 70’s which allowed architects and builders the option to create uninterrupted walls of glass – for much greater creativity and design freedom in the building and construction industry.  

For over 50 years

Dow has worked alongside professionals in the building and construction industries to help bring innovative and ambitious designs to life with their silicone structural glazing technologies. 

For over 50 years

As architects and builders today continue the journey toward safer and more sustainable structures, Dow are proud to work alongside them to make our mark in the cities of tomorrow and look forward to the next 50 years of pushing the envelope forward with our silicone structural glazing products.”  Along with the 4-sided SSG materials, Dow continues to develop innovative and sustainable solutions for building and infrastructure.

Our products are stocked across the UK and Ireland.

Our products are stocked across the UK and Ireland.

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