8th September 2021

The ecoSEAL Challenge

Here we catch up with some of those who have already signed up to take the ecoSEAL Challenge to find out why they were keen to take part and what they think of the system.

With statistics showing that the construction sector sends nearly 100 million plastic sealant cartridges to landfill every year, it is crucial that we take the necessary steps to reduce our consumption of plastic waste.

That’s why we launched the ecoSEAL Challenge, our latest product trial initiative to encourage tradespeople to make the switch to more environmentally friendly alternatives.

Designed to cut down on plastic consumption

The ecoSEAL system is a recyclable plastic sleeve that can be used an average of 75 times alongside our sealant and adhesive foils.

Once empty, the foils are eight times smaller than traditional plastic sealant cartridges, meaning that tradespeople who adopt the system can significantly reduce their plastic waste. Furthermore, rubbish disposal costs can be reduced on larger projects.

Designed to cut down on plastic consumption

Before the campaign’s launch, we reached out to a number of well-known faces from across the construction industry to find out if they would be interested taking up the challenge and making the switch for themselves. Here’s just some of the feedback we received:


“We use a lot of plastic in the construction industry, especially cartridges that just get thrown away. The ecoSEAL Challenge has changed the way we do things – all the product is in a foil which is nice and straightforward. You have a reusable sleeve which is far kinder to the environment and there is eight times less plastic waste generated using this system, which I think is absolutely fantastic.”

- Robin Clevett, carpenter

“I'm taking the ecoSEAL Challenge because I want to reduce the amount of plastic I use at work. I’m not an eco-warrior, but I do believe that if we can switch to foils as much as possible, we can make a big difference.”

- Justin Bailly, painter and decorator

“The ecoSEAL system is so easy to use. The reusable sleeve is transparent so you will always know how much product you have left. The nozzle also has a screwable end-cap which ensures the product stays fresh.”

- Wayne de Wet

Will you take the ecoSEAL challenge?

Learn more about the challenge and how you can enter

Following the glowing reviews from all our influencers, we launched the initiative to the trade and have been delighted to see just how many have already signed up to try the ecoSEAL system for themselves.


“The ecoSEAL system is far better for the environment than traditional cartridges. Despite initially thinking it would be a messy process, this couldn’t be further from the truth as the sleeve remained clean after repeated use. It’s a fantastic product.”

– George Rust of G Rust Roofing who trialled THE WORKS PRO.

“Virtually mess-free and easy to use, the ecoSEAL system is an ideal multi-purpose solution to keep in any toolbox. It has my vote.”

– Ben Ruffett of Savage & Sons who trialled Painters Mate.

Will you take the ecoSEAL challenge?

Will you take the ecoSEAL challenge?

To sign up and take the ecoSEAL Challenge, simply fill out our online form and select which of our ecoSEAL foils you would like to test out from our range of industry favourites. These include DOWSIL™ 785+, 796 and 799, as well as Geocel’s Painters Mate and THE WORKS PRO. Those who register will then be sent an ecoSEAL sleeve and chosen foil in the post.

Furthermore, ecoSEAL Challenge participants will have the chance to win a £500 voucher by filming their own product review and posting it on our Facebook page. We will be selecting one lucky voucher winner every month from the submissions we receive.

To register for a free ecoSEAL sleeve and foil of your choice, click here or look out for the posts on our Facebook page.