The trade's favourite products, only greener.


With over 100 million plastic cartridges ending up in landfill every year, it’s vital the industry takes steps to reduce its consumption of plastics and packaging. The ecoSEAL system offers one of the simplest ways to make a positive impact - and can now be used with the products the trade know and love.


    Re-usable sleeve, up to 75 times

The unique plastic sleeve is recyclable and the system is lighter than alternative foil barrel guns. As the sleeve is clear, users can also always see exactly how much product is left.




Same product, less waste

When empty, the foils are eight times smaller than traditional cartridges, meaning less plastic waste is sent to landfill and reducing disposal costs on larger projects.





Fits standard guns

With the ecoSEAL system there’s no need to buy an expensive barrel gun. It’s easy to use - simply cut the foil, insert into the re-usable plastic sleeve, attach the nozzle and fit into any standard gun.






The new ecoSEAL range includes the following:







Geocel ecoSEAL Painters Mate 

High quality acrylic filler that can be used both internally and externally.


Dowsil 785+ Bacteria Resistant Sanitary Silicone Sealant

Fast cure sealant that gives excellent adhesion to most non-porous surfaces.

Dowsil 796 PVCu, Aluminium & Wood Silicone Sealant

One part sealant for perimeter sealing of windows & doors, that has excellent adhesion to all glazing systems, masonry, brickwork and painted surfaces.

Dowsil 799 Glaze and Go Silicone Sealant

One-part clear sealant for use in glazing applications that utilise plastic sheeting (including polycarbonate sheeting), and for perimeter pointing of door and window frames. It has excellent adhesion to most plastics including PVC-U, and polycarbonate profiles & panels. It also contains a fungicide for use in areas of high humidity where mould growth is likely.

The Works Pro Multi Purpose Sealant & Adhesive

THE WORKS PRO is a high performance sealant and adhesive, which can be used internally or externally on almost any surface and in wet or dry conditions. Using THE WORKS PRO, there is no shrinkage, no staining, no solvents and no need for additional fixings. It comes in a foil sausage which creates less waste when disposed.