Dow Quality Bond™

Dow Quality Bond™ bringing quality to incredible heights

The Dow Quality Bond™ Program lifts silicone sealing and bonding to the highest level by implementing standards of best practice in quality control, quality assurance and production application with specialist silicone applicators.

Launched in Europe in 2007 for high performance silicone applications, Quality Bond™ has gone from strength-to-strength and has a high level of fabricator and applicator membership around the world. The value of Quality Bond™ is widely recognised by architects and consultants who request and depend on Quality Bond™ members to uphold standards of application to ensure best performance, safety and durability of building projects.

Benefits for specifiers

By specifying a Quality Bond™ member on your project, you gain the assurance that your sealant applicator has been trained and audited to meet the highest quality standards set by Dow.

Quality Bond™ reinforces Dow’s commitment to instilling the highest quality standards. With accelerating architectural creativity and fast-growing requirements in energy efficiency and transparency fuelling demand for advanced glazing and bonding solutions, Quality Bond™ ensures the very best in performance, safety, and durability

Benefits for members

Becoming a qualified member indicates to your customers that your performance standards and training are world-class. Members of the Quality Bond™ community share in our extensive know-how in structural glazing, insulating glazing, panel bonding and other silicone-based bonding and sealing applications.

Quality Bond Membership

For further information on Quality Bond membership, please visit the Quality Bond website