17th August 2021

Cardiff Lane, Dublin

A range of DOWSIL™ sealants have been specified for use on the atrium elevations and glazed partitioning within The Sorting Office, a new commercial property in Dublin’s Cardiff Lane.

Crucial to the project was the use of DOWSIL’s Firestop 700, which was able to meet both the performance and fire rating required. All the sealant products were specified and distributed by the Sherwin-Williams Company. 

The Sorting Office is a seven storey, flexible use office building in the Irish capital’s Silicon Docks district, developed by Martlet Property Group and designed by Henry J Lyons Architects. Walls Construction Ltd. was the main contractor, with sub-contractor Walls to Workstations helping to create the development’s visually stunning and light-filled central atrium space.

Fitted between October and December 2019

W2W installed glass elevations totalling 1,944 m2 in area around all seven floors of the atrium using a variety of DOWSIL™ glazing sealants depending on the properties required.

Fitted between October and December 2019

The highest specification sealant product selected was DOWSIL™ Firestop 700 low modulus sealant in Black, which was required for the top two floors. On these levels, an Optima Technishield 65 system was used, glazed with Pyroguard EI 30-32-2 SWS glass and featuring mitred corners to avoid having to include metal posts at the edges. The completed installation achieves a barrier load rating of 1.5 kN/m.

The DOWSIL™ Firestop 700 was selected due to its ability to meet the required specifications and performance under testing. The Specialist Works Contract Manager for W2W, Peter Durand, commented: “W2W were awarded this project due to our ability to meet the required performance specifications whilst maintaining the design intent. The Pyroguard glass was originally tested with a light glazed product which we really didn’t like, as it presented a grainy appearance.

“Being in regular contact with our local Sherwin-Williams’ technical consultant, Alan Griffin, we had the glass manufacturer retest with the DOWSIL™ Firestop 700. It is a world recognised product with the performance characteristics we required in terms of fire rating. When tested with the glass it passed successfully and we were happy with the appearance of the sealant so we specified the use of that instead.”

DOWSIL™ Firestop 700 is a one-part, low modulus neutral curing and crucially fire rated silicone sealant.

It possesses an excellent un-primed adhesion to a wide range of common construction substrates including stone, brick, wood and metal. It is ideal for preventing the spread of smoke and flames through expansion joints in façades and partitions, as well as through pipe and cable penetrations.  It can provide up to four hours’ protection and accommodate movement of +/- 50%

DOWSIL™ Firestop 700 is a one-part, low modulus neutral curing and crucially fire rated silicone sealant.

Another DOWSIL™ sealant product was also used across the remaining atrium floors. Unlike the top two floors, the first to fourth floors of the atrium did not require fire rated glazing and as such are enclosed by non-fire rated partitions manufactured by W2W, with 21.5mm heat soaked, toughened laminated glass. These partitions were assembled using DOWSIL™ 895 Black Structural Glazing Sealant, again achieving a load rating of 1.5 kN/m.

On the ground floor, W2W was also responsible for creating the three-sided enclosures to the scenic lifts, which have a total area of 33m2 and use the same glass specification as the lower levels of the atrium, including the use of DOWSIL™ 895 Structural Glazing Sealant in Black.

DOWSIL™ 895 Structural Glazing Sealant is a one-part neutral silicone specifically designed for bonding a wide variety of substrates, including metal and glass, with excellent adhesion. With an odourless and non-corrosive cure system, it is resistant to ozone and extreme temperatures so can also be used externally.

Peter concluded: “We chose to use DOWSIL™ products throughout this project not only due to the successful testing carried out in relation to the Firestop 700, but we also wanted to standardise our sealant specifications.

“Through our past experience of working with Sherwin-Williams, we knew the team could provide us with a diverse portfolio of high quality products, as well as the expertise and technical knowledge needed to help ensure successful results no matter what kind of installation we are faced with.”