DuPont Great Stuff™ Pro Fire Rated Gun Foam

Construction sealants

DuPont Great Stuff™ Pro Fire Rated Gun Foam is a high performance Polyurethane foam that seals, fills, bonds and insulates most construction materials.

Product info


  • Provides up to 5 hour Fire Rating according to BS476 part 20:1987
  • Forms a tough
  • resilient and long lasting semi-rigid cellular structure
  • Can be cut, sawn, sanded, painted or plastered over after application

Substrate Type

  • Wood
  • Concrete
  • Render
  • Plaster board
  • Metal
  • Mineral wool
  • XPS
  • EPS
  • PUR
  • PIR foam



Technical Information

Where to use Interior/Exterior
Paintable Yes
Time to cure The foam cures quickly.
Time to cure disclaimer Cured foam can only be removed mechanically. Fresh foam remains can be removed with the Great Stuff™ Pro Foam Cleaner.
Container Type Aerosol
Shelf life 18 months
Sizes 750ml ‘e’ Canisters
Application method Foam Gun


Application Instructions

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