Cox Easiflow HD 10" Skeleton Gun

Gun & Accessory

The Cox Easiflow 10" HD Skeleton Gun is a manual applicator for cartridges, designed for use with low viscosity sealants and adhesives.

Product info


  • For 310ml and 400ml cartridges.
  • Built-in pressure relief device to stop material flow when trigger is released.
  • Strong metal frame for easier use at maximum load when compared to plastic versions.
  • 7:1 trigger ratio

Technical Information

Where to use Interior/Exterior
Application method Sealant Gun and Cartridge


Application Instructions

Ensure gaps or cracks to be filled are free from dust, dirt, grease and that surfaces are dry. Deep gaps should be half filled with tissue paper before application. Remove nozzle and cut tip to required width. Place cartridge in cartridge gun and apply material into gap or crack to be filled.