2nd August 2021

Geocel's Painters Mate receives a fresh new look

Geocel has relaunched its iconic Painters Mate range. One of Geocel’s original and most popular products, Painters Mate now has its own visual identity and logo, making it even easier to recognise on the shelf.

Part of Geocel’s comprehensive Mates range, Painters Mate has been synonymous with the filler category for decades – a go-to product for every professional decorator.

While maintaining its core colour scheme of black, red and white, the Painters Mate packaging has been redesigned to incorporate the range’s fresh new logo on both the Flexible Filler and Ultra Fine Filler.


Painters Mate Flexible Filler is a high quality paintable acrylic sealant, ideal for filling cracks on door and window frames, walls, skirting boards, architraves, ceilings and more. 

Painters Mate Ultra Fine Filler is a ready to use, fast drying compound that delivers a supremely smooth finish. Its lightweight formulation can be overpainted in just five minutes and can be used on most building substrates, including wood, stone, concrete, metal and plastic. Painters Mate Ultra Fine Filler is available in white; and in either 500ml or 1ltr containers.

Giving a professional finish to any application without the need for sanding

The product’s formulation also includes a fungicide to resist mould growth and can be overpainted in one hour. Painters Mate Flexible Filler is available in white, brown or magnolia.

Giving a professional finish to any application without the need for sanding

On the relaunch, Andy Cummins, Senior Product Manager at Geocel commented: “We are delighted that for the first time we have been able to give this product its own visual identity and logo, in recognition of its long-standing position as a firm favourite in the decorators’ filler market."

“With the heritage that comes with a product like Painters Mate, it was imperative that we honoured the history and red branding so that loyal users would still be able to recognise it on the shelf; however, it was about time it got a standout packaging to reflect the standout product it is.”


Painters Mate is also available in foils, which are compatible with Geocel’s environmentally friendly ecoSEAL system, designed to help tradespeople reduce their single-use plastic waste.

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