15 June 2021

The new evolution of Geocel's Trade Mate and Joiners Range

Geocel, has relaunched its popular Mate range, including all its Trade Mate and Joiners Mate products. An extensive portfolio of professional sealants and adhesives, the Mate range was created to provide a go-to solution to tackle every challenge a tradesperson might encounter on site.

A mainstay of Geocel’s product line up for more than two decades, the primary aim of the comprehensive Mate range is to offer easier product selection for users. Each of the 27 products have been specifically formulated to provide a sealant or adhesive that enables the best possible finish, every time.

The Trade Mate range encompasses 23 products that are used across general building, plumbing, roofing and glazing applications. Joiners Mate comprises gel and liquid BS EN 204 Class D4 wood adhesives and mitre bond, a two-part instant bonding system.

With its new premium packaging

each product’s intended application has been accentuated to make it even easier to quickly identify on shelf the ideal solution for the required job.

With its new premium packaging

New Products

Furthermore, two new products have also been introduced to the Trade Mate range - Nail Power and Glazing Putty. An instant grab gap filling adhesive, Trade Mate Nail Power eradicates the need for nails and screws and is suitable for bonding most porous and non-porous surfaces. Trade Mate Glazing Putty is a premium solvent free acrylic, developed for glazing timber and metal frames to provide excellent adhesion and temperature resistance.

On the relaunch, Andy Cummins, Senior Product Manager at Geocel commented: “By refreshing our range of high-quality products they can now be quickly identified on shelf, making it easier for tradespeople to find sealants and adhesives specifically formulated for specific applications – to ensure they always get the very best results.”